And The Winner Is…(S7E8)

What you’ll see this episode:

The big finale is upon us – the last Blox-Off where the season’s winners will be revealed. As with every season, there are a few ways for the Bloxers to claim victory. Based on the scores from the whole week, three contestants will tie as runner-ups, and another trio will share the top spot, clinching first place. The spotlight also shines on 4 companies snagging the titles of “Most Investable Company” (x2) and “Most Valuable Company” (x2). “Most Investable” is for the company that’s likely to draw in investments and make a splash with venture capitalists. On the other side, “Most Valuable” honors companies that might not be instantly ready for investment but rock their industries with revenue, traction, and other important stuff. After the winners are crowned, we say goodbye to another season of entrepreneurial growth and pretty soon, we’ll be saying hello to a whole new crop of contestants in Season 8. Stay tuned!


The Grand Finale

The last episode of the season promises some intense action with the final Blox-Off and a last chance to switch things up on the leaderboard. The pod winners have a simple task: present the same pitch they shared in the day’s challenge, only now they’re facing a three-minute Q&A grill session afterward. Once the final Blox-Off scores are spilled, the waterworks start as contestants get sentimental about their life-changing moments at The Blox. This is where we see just how awesome a community can be for entrepreneurs, and why resources like the Blox are so important for us as startups to survive and thrive. After some emotional reflections, the big announcement is on deck as individual awards are about to be dropped. You’ll have to watch the full episode to see who won, and the only spoiler that we’ll give you is that you’re about to be insanely inspired by what you’ll see. Congrats to all of our contestants for making it through a grueling week and for taking the steps to succeed in their startups.

Get pumped for the next season with epic entrepreneurial showdowns and seriously fire lessons. We’ll see you in Season 8!


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