The Season 5 Finale: Who Won!?! (S5E7)

What you’ll see this episode:

That’s a wrap on the education and academic exercise folks! No more tests. No more pitches, No more grueling exercises. All the points have been earned and tabulated. We know who’s walking away with all the marbles and it’s coming fast.


Who Will Walk Away With The Trophy?

As we kick off our final episode, Wes takes the stage to present individual awards. These accolades have nothing to do with the points earned throughout the week; they are purely Wes’ personal recognition of four companies that have truly earned an extra honor.

The four awards presented are the coveted “Most Investable Company” (x2) and “Most Valuable Company” (x2). These awards hold a unique distinction, as they are exclusively chosen by Wes and are based on the companies’ current and future success. “Most Investable” goes to the company Wes deems most likely to attract investments and generate significant returns, as if he were a venture capitalist looking to invest. On the other hand, “Most Valuable” is bestowed upon companies that may not be immediately investable but are undeniably dominating their fields and hold immense intrinsic worth through revenue, traction, and other similar metrics.

While we won’t spoil the surprise by revealing the winners just yet, rest assured that all these companies are absolutely fabulous. Some of the winners may even catch you off guard, adding to the exhilarating ups and downs of this entire season. It’s truly a delight to wrap up a remarkable show by honoring these well-deserving winners.

And let’s not forget, our winners step into the spotlight to bask in their well-earned glory. Each judge takes a moment to shower them with well-deserved compliments and encouragement. The journey each contestant has embarked upon is far from ordinary. The Blox is not for the faint-hearted, and each and every participant deserves a resounding round of applause for their unwavering efforts.

As our exhilarating Season 5 finale unfolds, heartfelt reflections abound among the contestants. It’s a moment to savor, cherishing the immense growth and experiences they have undergone.

See you all next season!


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