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Available to watch for free on our app.

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Functional Music

Designed with startups in-mind, we’ve created a tool to put you in-charge of when you enter flow states. We’ve combined the science of binaural beats (which will syncs your brainwaves to optimal frequencies given whatever task you’re working on) and lyric-less video game music (to help you lose track of time while you work). Tell the app what you’re trying to accomplish, pick your song, put on some headphones, press play, and start working. You’ll be shocked at how much easier it will be to concentrate on your work.


Fly-On-The-Wall Consults

We’re so sick of hearing podcasts about entrepreneurs that have already made it to the top. We don’t want to see the finished art, we want to see the brush strokes. Here, you’ll find speed consultation sessions, moderated by our world-class coaches; perfectly categorized and filtered by the topics you want to learn about. For example, want to learn more about ‘Fundraising’, click the Fundraising button and up will pop around thirty hours of our consultants helping The Blox entrepreneurs out with that exact subject. The goal is to build up your ‘pattern recognition’ muscles by showing you rapid-fire consults. By the end you’ll start to recognize patterns in each of their startups and the coaches’ mentorship, allowing you to be your own advisor.

Guided Meditations For Entrepreneurs

Building a company will be one of the most mentally challenging feats of your life. It’s imperative you have a grip on your mental clarity. Our guided meditations start with a how-to series that explains why, when, and how entrepreneurs should meditate. From there, you get to choose from various situations and hear guided meditations helping you through that scenario. Examples, prepping your mind before you start work, quieting the mind before an important meeting, prepping your mind before sleep to better prepare for the next day.

How Does The Functional Music Work?

Find your flow. Get more done 

Task: Study Flow State Relax Meditate Brainstorm

Song Style: Cyber Punk Nature Synthwave Chillstep

1. pick a task

Login to free mobile app (no download fee, no ads, no subscriptions). Pick the task you’re about to start doing (such as sleeping, working, or brainstorming), then the tone (this is just a preference), and then the vibe (this is our proprietary ambient music; pick the one you want to listen to while you accomplish your task).

2. Focus your mind

Based on which task you’re trying to accomplish, our tech will auto-DJ frequencies that will adjust your brainwaves to the optimal mental state required to accomplish that task. We’ll be broadcasting different frequencies into each ear – so please wear headphones OR IT WILL NOT WORK.

3. find your flow

If you’re trying to be productive, start working. If you’re trying to relax or fall asleep, find a quiet place and relax. Allow 10-20 minutes for our sounds to sync your brainwaves to the optimal frequency, helping you arrive at the correct mental state of mind for your chosen task.

4. supplement with flowstate

In order to amp all this up to an eleven, take our brain health supplement, “FlowState” before tasks where you need to be productive, or “FlowDown” before tasks where you want to be calm.

What Does The Scientific Community Say?

(swipe me)

Is this app free?

Yes. 100% free. 

Thousands of hours of footage, music, and meditations. 

No subscriptions to watch or listen.

We do ask that you leave a nice review on the app store for us. This helps us grow, which pays for more seasons.

Is this a TV show or an app?

It’s a TV show inside of an app.


Because this allows us to augment said app with all sorts of other cool features designed to help you learn and grow as an entrepreneur. 

Also, everyone in the world has access to this free app. Not everyone has cable. Or Netflix. Or whatever. 

I still don't understand the functional music stuff...

We play songs with purposely different frequencies into each ear. 

We’re using binaural beats, sometimes referred to as psycho-acoustic medicine. They’re two, ALMOST identical tones played simultaneously; one being sent to your right ear, and the other sent to your left. This is why this requires headphones.The two tones are set at different frequencies. You can’t decipher the different frequencies, but your brain can. This tricks your brain into concentrating its efforts on syncing the two noises so it can interpret them as one. Because it’s concentrating on syncing the two tones, it’s far more immune from distraction.

This tricks the brain into concentrating on your chosen task.

Many people find that they’re very creative while performing mundane tasks such as going on walks, mowing the lawn, taking a shower, etc. This is because these actions require JUST ENOUGH brainpower to focus on the tasks (like walking), but leaves so much remaining power that it can be aimed, in a quasi-meditative way, at whatever thoughts you want to focus on. This is what binaural beats are doing. Think of them as distracting the distraction. It’s giving your brain an absurdly easy task to accomplish i.e. interpret the two sounds as one, making it too busy to care about life distractions, but still open enough to hyper-focus on a single task (such as cleaning or returning emails).

Science has proven that certain frequency ranges optimize your state of mind for the specific task.

The difference in frequencies (frequency A minus frequency B) is called a delta. Science has proven that different delta ranges alter your state of mind in various ways. Some induce creativity, some relax you, some allow you to perform deep work while completely losing track of time. We’ve partnered with award-winning composers and audio engineers to create binaural beats that are embedded into ambient soundtracks, with deltas at every range of the productivity and relaxation spectrum. So all you have to do is tell us what task you’re working on, and pick your vibe. Then our technology matches the correct frequency to your task.

What does meditation have to do with entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship gets zero credit as an art form, but it should. As artists, we need calm and organized spaces to perform and create to our fullest potential. Beyond just a calm and organized workspace, we also need a calm and organized mind.

Although modern tools make it possible to get more done than our entrepreneurial predecessors – these exact tools are taking an unnecessary toll on our mental health. The social media blessing that allows us to scale our message is also the curse that bombards our minds with anxiety. The smartphone blessing gives us an a command center in our pockets but also makes it impossible to checkout for the day. Basically every tool we have is a blessing that takes down the barrier to entrepreneurship and yet also the curse ails our mental health.

This paradox makes it hard to focus on tasks. Hard to get to sleep to recharge for the next day. Hard to be mindful when it’s time to relax with family. Meditation is the ‘eating your vegetables’ of clarity, focus, rest, and mindfulness. When we make meditation a small part of our daily routine we’re going to be capable of tackling the challenges that entrepreneurship throws at us.

Where did you get your music and is it unique?

We procured some of the most elite audio designers worldwide and gave them the ridiculous task of creating music with no style like it. We were the definition of a problem client. We gave them words such as cyberpunk, space-wave, cinematic synth, retro, video game boss-level, chill-step, dark ambient. We asked questions such as, what do the Stranger Things kids listen to while studying their long division? What did Bladerunner listen to when he meditated? What music do aliens listen to when giving a presentation at work? We vetted hundreds of musicians/DJs/audio engineers, bought samples from almost 100 of them, and ultimately hired ten that could nail the vibes required to lose track of time while you work or relax. We also needed the ability for us to mask our binaural beats into their final products. The end result is functional music you cannot find anywhere else.

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