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The Greatest Show On EarthEntrepreneurship

What are our former cast members saying?

We took these screenshots from a few contestants in the day or so after filming season one. They were unprompted, and really summed up what we expect you to get out of this.

When will this film?

We are eyeing two separate seasons in the early and late summer.

What about Covid?

Fair question.

We acknowledge that putting people in relatively confined spaces for any duration has a likelihood of spreading covid. We ask all contestants to test themselves prior to arrival, and then we test again while filming if symptoms present themselves. 

We understand that this may make a certain percentage of our aspiring Bloxers feel uncomfortable – especially those who are immune compromised. We apologize for not being able to farther prevent the spread of Covid and wish this question didn’t even have to exist. If the lack of precaution beyond what you’re reading here isn’t enough, please look into AlphaBlox (our virtual online accelerator).

Can I tell people I'm applying?

Mathematically speaking, getting on The Blox is challenging. So telling people you’ve applied is setting your team up for disappointment if the time is not right for your venture.

But should you get farther into the process you definitely should tell the one-to-three people on your team/family that matter to you the most. Going on TV without warning certain people in your life would be a misstep. 

When you tell the people in your life what you’re coming here to do, be sure to start it off with, “I’m going on to the most educational bootcamp for entrepreneurs ever created”. This should be the basis for joining, and thus the basis for your team’s internal discussion. Obviously there are other perks of joining beyond the education…but they should be considered secondary to the world-class coaching.

What is the casting process like?

1. Fill out the form on this page.

2. There will be a request for a one-way video interview. This means you’ll use our software to record yourself answering a few basic questions about your business. The request will come to your email (and sometimes it will also ping your phone via SMS to notify you the invitation is in your email). Do not respond to these emails or text messages, they are sent via the third-party software we use to get these videos. 

FYI this step should only take about ten minutes. But it’s an important one. It will only be seen by our casting team, and the coaches that you’re specifically paired with during your experience. 

3. We’ll schedule a 1-on-1 phone interview with a casting director should we like the video.

4. We send out a contract.

We cut roughly half of the applicants at each of the aforementioned steps.

Is this for BetaBlox or The Blox?

This is for The Blox.

The Blox does NOT cost equity. You can be at any stage, or in any industry. The time commitment is only 6.5 days. The Blox obviously coaches a lot of the same concepts from BetaBlox, but they are two separate entities run by the same executive team.

BetaBlox is our startup accelerator. It’s for tech-enabled, growth stage startups, with a lot of traction, looking for very specific mentorship designed to help them scale. It costs 5% ownership in their startup, which mutually aligns us with the success of the venture. We’ve been doing it for over a decade and are really good at it.

Again…The Blox and BetaBlox are DIFFERENT. This page is the application for the docu-series, The Blox. NO EQUITY NEEDED.

Does it matter where I live or what stage of business I'm in?


We’re specifically looking for companies that are in every industry imaginable, and every stage. This means we want roughly 33% to be pre-launch, 33% to be under a quarter million in sales, and 33% at or above a million-a-year in revenue. 

If you are well beyond $2M in annual sales or raised funds (or a previously successful exit), please apply to be a judge instead of a contestant. FYI, by $2M in annual sales or investment dollars raised…we literally mean that in real money….not money that you are manifesting for yourself soon into the future. 

We also love telling the stories of entrepreneurs from all over the country. The more spread out our applicants, the better.

What are the living conditions like?

We’ve created like a mini-university campus. We rent out the entire Marriott hotel, which is next door to our world-class facility. We take care of all ground transportation from the airport; so once you land we take you to the place where you will stay for the entire week. There won’t be any need to ever get or use a car.

We have four private chefs that make breakfast/lunch/dinner buffets. Every startup gets their own room.

We want to do everything possible to keep you healthy and happy so you can fully invest in your experience. Food and sleep are two crucial elements to that equation.

Is there a cost?

You are responsible for hard-costs. This means your flight (or gas), travel-to-and-from airport, your portion of room, groceries, insurance, etc. The exact price is the cost of the entire week divided by the amount of people that are there. It’s that simple.

You being on the show is as good for you as it is for us. We’ve experimented with us paying for everything VS charging for the hard-costs. What we learned was the buy-in and accountability was 10X better from the people who had a little skin-in-the-game.

What are the main reasons I should apply?

1. Accelerated entrepreneurship education. From a curriculum standpoint, what usually takes us about four months is crammed into a single week. Combine that with the fact that you’re surrounded exclusively by entrepreneurs, 24 hours a day, really adds gas to your entrepreneurial wherewithal.

2. Promotional reasons. Yes, people will watch the show and hopefully follow your pages or buy your things. But this is far more guaranteed if you follow the best practices of our most successful alumni to-date. They didn’t just rely on our viewers to flood their sites. We gave them individualized trailers, feature videos, custom press templates, and proven social media copy. This tee’d them up to ensure their market, their followers, their supporters, their potential investors and clients – all knew they were making moves. From a promotional standpoint, being on this show is an alleyoop. We can throw it up near the basket, but you’ve got to dunk it.

How will my phone number be used?

We use your cell phone number in several automated ways: we use a platform called SimpleTexting to send notifications when your app has been submitted, when casting directors want to schedule interviews, and upon acceptance into the program. You can opt out at any point you want.

Terms, Conditions, & Privacy Policy

We will use your contact information to contact you. Nothing else. Your information will never, in any capacity, be shared, sold, used for anything else. You can opt out by being contacted from us at any point.

We reserve the right to reject anyone, for any reason, at any time. Who we choose is subjective and based on a rubric that is abnormal. Normally, a TV show would only care about entertainment….and a venture capital firm would only care about invest-ability – we care about both.

We take your ideas, backstories, and IP incredibly seriously. They are zapped from this contact form to our secure database and combed exclusively by our casting team. Multiple authentification layers are used to protect said database. That said, you should not be sharing secret sauce with us. It’s unnecessary to get in. We’re looking for broad strokes, especially at this stage. You should not share anything with us that you’re not prepared to share publicly. Let this be a reminder this is a show…for public consumption. If you’re one of those people who believe their ideas are worth more than the execution – or you’re in “stealth mode” (😂) – you’re in the wrong place. This doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it just means this page is for people who want their business model recorded and shown to what amounts to a large amount of people. 


We’re officially casting for the next several seasons!

Please fill out the form below. If you are a good fit, a casting director will reach out for more information. Regardless, thank you for your interest.