Every Service Provider Your Startup Will Ever Need

How do you source the contractors you need for:
Software Design Legal Services Bookkeeping Video Production Website Development

Wasting Time Sacrificing Quality Blowing Your Capital

The answer is and always has beenrockstar partnersthat specialize

in something specific, whom haveextensive experience

working withearly-stage ventures.

Preferred Vendors

Our incubator has been thriving for over a decade. In that time, we’ve helped hundreds of our startups source literal thousands of contractors to perform the jobs necessary to build their companies. Throughout that time we’ve continually invested in our relationships with the best-of-the-best and put them on full display with BuildingBlox. Each category (accounting, legal, video, software, etc.) has a single, exclusive vendor for that category. This allows us to provide you an extensive range of uniform services while still presenting you exclusively with specialists.

The Faucet

We’re quality assurance machines that hold our partners accountable in a way that would be almost impossible to replicate. On your own, your startup has little-to-no buying power; this tends to put you at the bottom of a contractor’s priority list. They won’t tell this to you while they sell you; you’ll figure it out when the job is done late with cut corners. But alongside all the other Bloxers, our combined buying power makes you their largest client. If their quality, timeliness, or price slips…we turn off the faucet and replace them with the next exclusive contractor that is thirsty for the faucet.

Air Traffic Controller

Use this page to find the right vendor to build your startup. Scroll through the offering and fill out the form under that service. We’ll then beam a copy of that info over to the contract, and our QA team, and someone will contact you asap.

Software Development

Mobile Apps

There is no denying the power of a mobile app for your business. Your customer’s lives are run via the machine in their pocket – and the best user experience to their phone is the iPhone and Android marketplaces. We specialize in mobile app builds in all phases of development;  initial wireframes, back-end code, front-end design, and publishing to the individual stores. Our team has launched award winning apps on Apple with our best work yet to come.

Enterprise Software

Software = scale. Scale = unfair profit, power, and expansion. Building software might be the tools you use to expand your current offering…or software could be the product itself. We have built beautiful and functional software that is currently live and making our clients millions of dollars. 

Tech Stack Integration & Automation

Sometimes, third-party developers have already built the technology you need to scale your business, so there’s no reason to build it yourself. Our average successful startup has almost thirty pieces of software in their stack that they use to run their company. Getting them all to talk to each other and integrate into a master database is the secret sauce to keeping it all organized. We can help you build such a system.

Work Needed

Stage Of Business

11 + 1 =

Accounting & Tax Prep


It’s obviously crucial to have a good understanding of how money is flowing in and out of your business. Our services allow you to get a regular snapshot of just that so you can continue to make important decisions on-the-fly. Not to mention, when this stuff is done regularly, you won’t be scrambling to get them together when an investor asks to look at them. In the same vein, when it’s time to pay taxes, it will be much easier and cheaper to do so if these things have been proactively taken care of.

Tax Prep

There’s no way around it, we all must pay Uncle Sam. But just because we have to pay him doesn’t mean we have to stress about it all year. It doesn’t mean we have to over-pay. It doesn’t mean we need to pay an arm-and-a-leg to get our books in enough order to even know how much we owe. BuildingBlox provides a comprehensive package designed to ensure you’re paying the least amount you need to, on time, with as little stress as possible.

Virtual CFO

A CFO’s job in a big company is to keep the CEO abreast of the financial situation in the near and long-term so they can make decisions accordingly. They have a deep understanding of the books and what they mean to the organization’s health. Your company is no different, it just might not be big enough yet to require a full-time employee to do just that. This is where we come in. We will help you make decisions for your company through the lens of finance. Where can we be saving money; how could our budgets be weighted differently; given different paths forward, what are each of their tax ramifications?

Work Needed

Stage Of Business

3 + 10 =

Web Design


Copywriting & Wireframes

The words on your website are the most overlooked aspect of your virtual front door. They must be both educational and persuasive. Sometimes when you’re all on your own, it’s difficult to craft these words because you’re kind of alone on your island, making it easy to forget what might not start out as common knowledge to a new customer. Our team can help take your story and transform it into beautiful copywriting designed for the web.


WordPress powers more websites than any other platform on the planet, including this one. It has massive advantage when it comes to design freedom and search engine optimization. We believe roughly half of you should choose WordPress.


We are expert Shopify designers and tend to steer about half of our clients in this direction vs WordPress. If you have any type of e-commerce needs: this is probably the path you’ll choose. Both the engine that powers your inventory on the backend, as well as the checkout experience on the frontend, is unmatched. 

Work Needed

Stage Of Business

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Video Production


"About Us" Videos

As you can tell, we’re a video-forward storytelling organization. Nothing gets your point across better than a video. In a modern shopping experience, if you’re not providing video your customers are going to wonder what you’re hiding. We sometimes call them “about us” or “landing page” videos. They’re the type of thing that helps orient your customer to who you are, what you sell, and how you sell it upon entering your site. We help with all aspects: scriptwriting, b-roll, editing, video openers, etc.

Long-Form Video Production

As you can tell from The Blox, we love making long-form, documentary style videos. If you sell anything even remotely expensive, your customers are going to do a deep dive into your business at some point. So shy away from this when we can make them something that will answer all their questions and then some. What if you had a “day in the life of” one of your customers. What if you had a documentary on how your business was founded, alongside the mission it’s setting out to accomplish. These types of things really set you apart from your competitors and put your best foot forward to your clients.

Video Courses & Employee Training

There are few products more scalable than a video course. Although it’s a heavy upfront lift, you can monetize that asset for years to come with little-to-no overhead. In the same vein, training employees isn’t very scalable, but if you invested in one asset that augmented that task early-on, think of the time you’ll save in the long-run. Not to mention how much more likely they’ll be not just to stay but thrive within your organization because they were properly trained​.

Work Needed

Stage Of Business

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