World Class Mentors For Scalable Startups

World Class Mentors For Scalable Startups

BetaBlox is one of the largest business incubators in the world.

Entrepreneurs that go through our program are statistically twice as likely to stay in business as those who don’t.

We do this by awarding 10 entrepreneurs at a time with a package of goods and services designed to increase their valuations.

In exchange, we join the founding team by taking a small piece of equity instead of charging upfront cash. This mutually aligns our team with that of the founding team, and motivates us in a way upfront cash never could.

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“What I’ve gotten has been so far beyond what I was seeking.”

Raina Knox

Stratex / B2B Services & Technology

Kansas City

The accountability, assistance, and support gained from fellow Bloxers is priceless.”

Patrick Delehanty

Delco / Product Manufacturing


With their advisement and consultation, we have been able to grow from just an idea to a full rapidly growing technology company in a short amount of time.”

Mike Collier

Weather Battle / B2C Mobile Software


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"A Mini Business Empire"



Average annual revenue growth rates for our portfolio companies since 2012

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Survival Rate of our startups (SBA definition of making it to at least year three)

What is BetaBlox?

Simply put, BetaBlox has saved us tens of thousands of dollars while simultaneously increasing the value of our business.”

Kalen Barker

LoopedHome / B2B Software

Kansas City

Their advice and mentorship is second to none.”

Tracy Ford

Virtutecture / B2B Virtual Reality

Kansas City

It has been the single best choice we have made to-date.”

Ralph Maser

PowerUp|PowerDown / Nootropic Supplement Manufacturing

Kansas City

What do you mean when you say, you’ll increase my startup’s valuation?

To answer this questions we’re going to oversimplify some very complicated topics: startup valuation, equity, liquidations, etc.

Let's pretend you go on this journey alone...

and you build a five million dollar business. Great! And then one day someone comes along and buys your business for that five million dollars, allowing you to retire. You just made five million dollars!

Let's compare that to what could have happened if you had co-founders like us on your team...

Right from the start we would infuse strategies into your company that take A LONG time to start working, but eventually they’ll make your business more valuable. We’ll help you implement things that make you more replicable and scalable so you can tackle more ground. In essence, we’ll help you go much bigger, safer, and with realistic and patient steps. When implemented correctly, your business will be valued significantly more higher. Let’s pretend that number is twenty million dollars.

In this oversimplified and hypothetical situation...

when that acquisition happens, you’d owe us one million dollars. Ouch! BUT, without us you’d only have that five million dollars – and instead you now have $19,000,000. Ever heard it’s better to own part of a watermelon than an entire grape? This is what they mean…

BetaBlox is not an easy program and the feedback we get is honest with no sugar coating. But for those who are serious and committed for the long haul, BetaBlox absolutely pays off.”

John Harrison

Filimin / Technology Hardware


What I love most about Betablox is the knowledge and wisdom you gain from your mentors.”

Nathan Corn

FlexPro Meals / Food Entrepreneur

Kansas City

The mentors helped me set a course that was aggressive but very strategic, and the community of other entrepreneurs helped inspire and push me to keep going, even when things were really hard.”

Justin Prestidge

Custom Trailer Pros / B2B Manufacturing

Kansas City

Ever wish you had a co-founder that had helped start several hundred companies, doesn’t want to own half your business, and doesn’t take any power or credit?