BetaBlox Facilities

Every startup admitted to the BetaBlox business incubator is provided a free coworking membership at our beautiful facilities. This means that while you’re in the BetaBlox program, you’ll be granted access to these spaces during normal business hours, for free (or 24/7 for just $50 a month). We encourage you to bring your meetings here, host launch parties, or just pull out your laptop and crank out emails. 

Aside from you getting access to these facilities, these buildings also act as our headquarters. So this is where our classes, mentor lectures, 1-on-1 consultations, and even some of our larger events throughout the year will all take place. It’s just not a place to get things done, it’s an excuse to ingratiate yourself in your local startup community. The people you’ll bump into on a regular basis might be your next employee, partner, or customer – but you’ll never know if exclusively work from home. 

As most of you know, we have two incubators, with two different teams – one in Kansas City, and the other in Tulsa. So to see more images of your future office space, make sure to click on the city for which you’ll be applying. 

Where You’ll Work If You Live In Kansas City…

Where You’ll Work If You Live In Tulsa…