About The BetaBlox Program

We make startups in Kansas City AND Tulsa better, faster – guaranteed. We accept roughly 10 teams at once that start-and-grow together cohort-style; similar what it’d be like making lifelong friends in a military’s bootcamp. Not only do each of these teams help each other out, we step in with a bevy of products and services that will add gasoline to a founder’s trajectory. Think of it as our contribution to the founding of your company. In exchange we become small minority shareholders in your startup with no voting rights or power. We like to think of ourselves as your co-founder who doesn’t expect a salary. We will only charge you once your company reaches a liquidation event (IPO, acquisition, dividends, etc.) – and even then, it’s just a pinch. The program represents a very structured and hands-on six months; followed by a less rigorous additional six months; followed by services and assets that will last for the life of your company. We start as an accelerator, grow into an incubator, and end as your friends and partners. 

Roughly 10% of the people that apply to BetaBlox are admitted. We take all kinds of businesses, at various stages of development. We look for everything from scalable startups, to high revenue potential small businesses. We care very little about what you’re building, and instead care a TON about who you are. So if you’re awesome, don’t hesitate to apply today. Everyone that is awarded admittance to the program receives EVERYTHING mentioned on this page….


Tulsa and Kansas City startups admitted into the program congregate for a twice monthly lecture series hosted by one of the BetaBlox mentors. The Mentor Lecture Series is an opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs, meet successful influencers from the community, and learn business from real-life, local case studies. This is an incredibly easy way to beef up your rolodex, that happens to be simultaneously very educational.

Access To Investors

By entering BetaBlox, your startups will be positioned in a fertile environment for sourcing angel investors. The program itself is run by active angels, but we also have a great deal of partnerships with local/regional capital investors that partially use BetaBlox as an elongated due diligence process. Through our experience as successful fundraisers on both sides of the table, we’re able to help position your company to become invest-able. In no way can we guarantee our ability to raise you capital, but we can guarantee that we increase your likelihood of doing so.

The program culminates with a Demo Day, where Tulsa and Kansas City’s investment community is invited to attend and hear each of the BetaBlox companies present their opportunities.

BetaBlox Bootcamp

All of our consultants have something important in-common; we all preach the same methodology that we believe is important for Tulsa and Kansas City startups. It’s the foundation for everything we coach. What used to be taught throughout our weekly classes has been deemed by our startups as too important to be spread out. Thus, the bootcamp was born. This is a intensive day-long workshop that lays the foundation for which all of our one-on-one’s and classes are built upon. The bootcamp is scheduled sometime within the first three weeks of the program, and usually on the first available Saturday. But otherwise, we usually don’t have scheduled programming on Saturdays.

Startup Classes

Unlike most “entrepreneurship” courses – our curriculum is designed specifically for Tulsa and Kansas City startups. The focus is on how to create momentum from nothing, with little-to-no resources. This is where academia typically fails. Our entrepreneurs want to learn how to create the next Ebay, Starbucks, LEGO, Google, or Dropbox. The difference between traditional curriculums and ours is the concept of correctly implemented and timed scalability. We want to infuse virality into product design. We want to put you on a trajectory to being acquired. We want to create high-paying jobs in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas.  Classes are at 6PM, twice per month, and usually are in back-to-back days to accommodate for people that travel for them. Our entrepreneurs are invited to come to them forever, but they will start repeating in month seven – this is great if you missed one or want to repeat your favorites.


1-On-1 Consultation

Our classes are highly relevant to your stage of business, but your startup deserves more personal attention. Someone from the BetaBlox executive team will work with you every-other week throughout the entire six month semester at a mutually convenient times. Although this is an excellent opportunity to coach lessons learned from our experiences, it is best used as an accountability tool to make sure progress is being made. Meetings are custom designed for each specific team, and build upon each other throughout the length of the session.


Preferred Vendors

We have many service-providing partners that we’ve personally vetted through far more than a simple phone call. Some of them are value-adding partners that we’ve worked with for years. We know who in-town is bad, good, and great; equally important – we know who is properly priced. Whether you’re talking about SEO packages, legal work, software development, etc.: the likelihood of us being able to help you negotiate the best relationship for the lowest dollar amount is very high. Service providers tend to not over-price or under-deliver when they know we will be coming back with hundreds of entrepreneurs if they do their job well.

Office Space

Startups should have a place to call home. BetaBlox wants to be that home. Having a place to work, showcase, and network during the early stages of a business will increase your output and reinforce your credibility. Stop having your meetings at coffee shops, stop using the library to return emails and write proposals, stop paying for expensive lunches – use our space at your convenience.

In Kansas City we operate in Midtown out of a facility called The Downtown Underground. In Tulsa we operate out of city hall (where our founding partners, The Oklahoma Innovation Institute, dwell). Entrepreneurs are also granted a free six month pass to 36°North, which is a co-working space in The Brady Arts District.

Alumni Network

Not only do you get to meet and work with the other startups in your batch, we have an entire network of graduated startups ready to help. These people have been in your exact shoes. This fact ensures there are people out there that possess the exact subset of experiences, knowledge, and connections that you’re looking for. Our online alumni network is by far the largest group of entrepreneurs in the Midwest that has ever been through such a hands-on program. We like to think of our group like a very organized and well-led alliance. Upon entering BetaBlox, 100+ entrepreneurs will immediately have your back.

Startup Culture

An intangible benefit of being in BetaBlox is the networking with other Startups at the same stage of business as you. Throughout the six month program there will be nine-ish other teams that go from your batch-mates, to your colleagues, to your friends. Afterwards you enter into an alumni system which makes it easy to get in contact with entrepreneurs from past sessions. BetaBlox is invited to – and hosts – many events throughout the year. It’s a lot easier to network at events with at least a couple of familiar faces – than it is alone. The synergetic entrepreneurial environment is one of the most important benefits we can offer you. Get out of your basement or garage, and surround yourself with likeminded people that are each attempting to accomplish the same thing you are – in their own unique ways.


Business Partners

We want to be your true business partners. We look at ourselves as co-founders of your company. What does this mean? You tell us. Have an important meeting you want a couple extra bodies in? Need help promoting a launch party? Need help finding a date (just joking)? Whatever normal co-founders would say ‘yes’ to, so will we. And unlike anyone else in-town, we’re not going to charge you hourly to do so. Obviously we can’t guarantee we can be at everything, but we’ll do our best when it’s feasible.

Legal Foundation

The first and most important piece of legal documentation your startup needs is an operating agreement. It’s what defines how you and your team split up the pie, interact in messy situations, and take on new partners. All teams that enter BetaBlox are offered a free operating agreement, business formation consultation, and document strategizing session. It’s meant to offer you a foundation for which you can easily build from as your business becomes more complex over time. We have a partnership with a startup centric law firm with over a decade of business incubation experience. This means they not only get startups – but most importantly – startups dwelling within incubators. We won’t insult you by telling you the street price of such a document. Go ask a lawyer in your network how much they would charge for such a document. Now mentally file that saved cash away and put it towards something that will make your startup grow bigger.