Copywriting & Design: Checklist, Strategies, & Psychology (S5E3)

What you’ll see this episode:

In the first competition episode of this season, we see things already heating up between the contestants. With the first lesson of the week focusing on how to scale a business, many Bloxers have major lightbulb moments while others get left in the dark. It all comes down to the very first Blox Off, where the pressure hits some of the contestants with a big dose of reality. Who will be the first in Season 5 to earn the coveted red jerseys? Learn along with our contestants the importance of scaling your business, and how any business can grow through employees, technology, and an audience.


The Competition Begins

The first pod winners are treated to breakfast at Wes’s mansion along with the judges as they size up the competition. Although many of the entrepreneurs are intimidated by The Neurodiverse Teacher, she demonstrates how even the head of the class can feel imposter syndrome.

The second lesson of the season is a crash course in copywriting – a make or break component for any business. With the entrepreneurs learning how to tell their story, they head off for the second challenge of the series which has them giving a rundown of their copywriting checklist. With this challenge, the judges saw a world of improvement in the contestants – as Wes exclaims, they’re “getting it.”

An intense Blox-Off leaves the contestants sweating, as the competition truly becomes intense. Although Wes and the judges agree that this Blox-Off was neck-and-neck, the winners are chosen and the red jerseys get switched up as the competition continues.



This episode puts a major focus on copywriting. Copywriting is the words we use to tell the stories we need to tell, to paint the required vision and features to our customers, partners, and investors. We use these principles every time we pitch, write an email, compose website verbiage, speak in a video, etc. BetaBlox simplifies the copywriting process with a checklist that includes an Instant Clarity Headline, Social Proof, a clear Call-To-Action, Frequently Asked Questions, and other strategic components. Once the checklist is complete, the next step is to integrate into all your facets of marketing. It should feel like the person who wrote your homepage copy is the same person composing your tweet who is the same person filming your videos who is the same person greeting people at the front door of your establishment. Integrated Marketing Communications ensures your company and its stance on the market is more memorable. Every time you use different personalities, colors, writing styles, etc. you’re diluting the opportunity to move your brand in the right direction.


Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  1. Copywriting is the most underrated tool we have as entrepreneurs. We need the ability to communicate via the written format in long-form ways as well as super short and poignant assets. Every public-facing thing our customers see starts with copywriting.
  2. Nowadays, customers tend to have a shorter attention span than before, which means you should be aware that they may abandon the buying process at any point. This is not necessarily due to the product being too expensive, but rather because they are easily distracted. Effective copywriting provides customers with the information they need in a concise and impactful way, minimizing the risk of them leaving.
  3. Instant Clarity Headline = End result a customer wants + specific period of time + address the objection
  4. Testimonials are proof your product works in your customers’ words. They should be compiled of a specific end result or benefit the customer got, a specific period of time, an accompanied feeling and the person’s name with stats.
  5. You don’t get what you don’t ask for – always tie in a call-to-action!


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