BetaBlox Tulsa Demo Day!!!

BetaBlox Tulsa Demo Day!!!

Hello, and welcome to Tulsa’s Inaugural BetaBlox Demo Day!

We aim for Demo Day to be Tulsa’s largest entrepreneurial gathering. In it, we’ll showcase around 15 startups we’ve been working on over the last year, including a few showcases from our Kansas City branch. We’ll also weave in a keynote speech by our team, and an educational panel by our investors. Although this is the first BetaBlox event in Tulsa, it’s definitely not our first. The largest one we ever hosted had around 1,600 attendees. We’ll get there eventually, but expect this one to have 400 to 500 people, and we hope for you to be one of them!

What is the BetaBlox Demo Day?

BetaBlox is like a gym for startup entrepreneurs – except instead of dumbbells and treadmills, we have 1-on-1 coaching, mentor lectures, classes, office space, access to investors, and more. The program is designed to increase the amount of successful startups in Tulsa. At the end of their program, our entrepreneurs are awarded a spot at Demo Day, where they get to showcase their businesses to the city. It’s kinda like Shark Tank, but YOU get to be the shark. We’ll start off with presentations from our startups, weave in some educational/motivational speeches and panels, and then culminate with expo-style networking where you get to meet hundreds of other like-minded individuals, including our team. There will be food, there will be booze, and everything is free. 


Literally everyone in the city is invited. Young, old, rich, poor, whatever. The only people that aren’t invited are the ones that are turned off by what we just said. This is not a fundraising event. This is a showcase. It’s free to attend, the only cost is your attention. Will there be investors? Yes, of course. Will there be bankers and corporate leaders? Yes. But there will also be hoody-touting nerds from the middle of no where. All are welcome. 


The Center For Creativity. The address is 910 South Boston Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74119.


In an order to accommodate the demand, we’re forced to have two different showings of this event. So when you RSVP you’ll get to choose the one that is most convenient for you; please only attend the one you signed up for because they will both end up hitting capacity. 

Tuesday, October 17th:

Showcase #1 – 2:00PM 

Showcase #2 – 6:00PM 


First and foremost, your attention will help Tulsa’s up-and-coming entrepreneurial scene. Secondly, it’s always smart to rub shoulders with the city’s true change makers. Lastly, free food and booze. 


Literally all you’ve got to do is fill out this form, put the date and time in your calendar, and show up to the showcase that you signed up for. Remember, we will end up “selling out” of both showcases, so do not RSVP if you’re not planning on being there. 

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