BetaBlox Kansas City Demo Day!!! [SOLD OUT]

BetaBlox Kansas City Demo Day!!! [SOLD OUT]

We throw the best party in Kansas City for entrepreneurs and their supporters, and you’re invited – for free! Sponsored by

Are you looking to keep your finger on the pulse of the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Kansas City? Are you looking to connect with other like-minded business people from around the community? Are you looking to watch educational panels about life as a startup in KC, keynote speeches, and live formal pitches to investors alongside hundreds of other local supporters? Look no farther…

The BetaBlox Demo Day is your opportunity to network with a sea of entrepreneurs, startups, investors, bankers, government officials, service providers, and other professional stakeholders from around Kansas City. Every year upwards of a thousand people RSVP to watch the event, and you should too.

What is the BetaBlox Demo Day?

BetaBlox is an exclusive school for startups. Every year, we pick the best-of-the-best and then put them through a rigorous curriculum of classes, one-on-one consultation, and mentorship designed to give them a higher likelihood of survival. At the end of the program they pitch their startups for three minutes each to a room full of interested people – we call this “Demo Day”. We’re hopeful you’ll be one of those interested people! It’s kinda like Shark Tank, and you’re the shark! This is not a fundraiser, so don’t bring your checkbook; it’s a showcase of what we’ve been working on. We don’t want your money, we want your attention. Aside from a bunch of startup pitches, you’ll also get a chance to network with hundreds of other “sharks”, expo-style, before and after the presentations. We’ll also weave in educational panels and motivational speeches.


Literally everyone in the city is invited. Young, old, rich, poor, whatever. The only people that aren’t invited are the ones that are turned off by what we just said. This is not a fundraising event. This is a showcase. It’s free to attend, the only cost is your attention. Will there be investors? Yes, of course. Will there be bankers and corporate leaders? Yes. But there will also be hoody-touting nerds from the middle of no where. All are welcome. 


This year Demo Day will be hosted at The GRID, which is the coworking facility that we reside out of. It’s a one-of-a-kind space in the heart of Overland Park just off Blue Valley Parkway and 121st. You’re looking for an absolutely giant facility with a huge GRID sign; It’s right in-between the Residence Inn and Solera Salon & Spa. Here’s the address:

12022 Blue Valley Pkwy, Overland Park, KS 66213

***New: 100% of all attendees will be given a pass on the day of the event. The following week, you can redeem said pass for a thirty day free trial to work out of The GRID. So not only do you get to come enjoy a great event at a new location, you can also do a little tour of your new office!


We’re doing something different this year, we’re hosting Demo Day on a Saturday! When you RSVP, you’ll get to choose from three different showcases. Please only attend one because they will all end up being full. This is our way of spreading out the demand to give our entrepreneurs a better chance at getting to meet you.

Saturday, September 23rd:

Showcase #1 – 9:00AM (SOLD OUT)

Showcase #2 – 1:00PM (SOLD OUT)

Showcase #3 – 6:00PM (SOLD OUT)

***We are sold out of all three shows. If you’d like to come, please email [email protected] Occasionally people will relinquish their RSVP, at which point he will manually email that it’s cool to come. Without said confirmation, please do not come.


It will make you smarter. It will motivate you. It will be fun (in a nerdy way). Your mere presence will help support the up-and-coming entrepreneurs of your very own city. There will be food and booze there. Everything is free. 


All you’ve got to do is fill out this simple form and PLEASE put it on your calendar. Every year we have to close RSVPs for all or most of our showcases. So if you RSVP and don’t show, someone else that wanted your seat will be left without a spot. 

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