The BetaBlox Demo Day

BetaBlox is a business incubator that works with early stage entrepreneurs to increase their likelihood of success – and the speed at which it takes to get there. We do so by injecting a bevy of goods and services into each chosen startup in their most formative months.

Every year we host a showcase event where each entrepreneur gets a chance to present what they’ve been working on to the city and its supporters. The presentations are intertwined with educational panels and motivational keynote speeches. The events are free to the public; we encourage anyone and everyone that would like to attend to do so. We average around a thousand attendees. If you’re at least a slight fan of Shark Tank, you’ll be a big fan of Demo Day. 

RSVPing is free and easy. The first step is to figure out which city you’ll be attending: either Kansas City or Tulsa. So please click on your city…

Kansas City – September 23, 2017

Tulsa – October 17, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

This event sounds exclusive, will I fit in?

Yes, it’s at a fancy place. Yes, there will be lots of venture capitalists and angel investors in the room. BUT, most of the people that will be in attendance will be the “average Tulsan or Kansas Citian”. There was ‘$5,000 suited CEOs’ chattin’ it up with ’21 year startups in jeans and t-shirts’. That’s exactly the type of event we’re going for! Come one, come all. Entrepreneurship, and especially in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas, is an INCLUSIVE sport. Anyone can start a business, and thus everyone should attend. 

How is it possible that this event is free?

BetaBlox is funded solely through private high net worth individuals and non-profits (namely, The Oklahoma Innovation Institute) who believe in making a difference in Kansas City and Tulsa. We also have great sponsors, such as The Kauffman Foundation. Without that team, this whole thing would never be possible.  

What should I wear? 

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. That said, this is going to be an amazing place for you to meet the professionals for which you could be doing business one day. First impressions are always important.