BetaBlox Application

This is where you apply to BetaBlox. It is free to apply and should only take five-to-ten minutes. We’ll be in contact after the deadline closes. 

BetaBlox Application

This is where you apply to BetaBlox. It is free to apply and should only take five-to-ten minutes. We’ll be in contact after the deadline closes. 

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*Once you apply, there will be no confirmation email, and you will not hear from us until the end of January when the application closes.

*These following dates may be slightly tweaked as things progress. That being said, this is a fairly accurate schedule.

*Please don’t let the inability to make one-or-two of the following days due to travel, or something along those lines, prevent you from applying. We understand you’re humans, and thus our side of the table needs to be flexible. We greatly prefer that you make these dates happen, but if you can’t – at least reach out and ask. We will do our best to accommodate. A solid line of communication between both sides  will increase everyone’s ability to be more flexible.

*Please let this be a friendly reminder that we are not a school, government, or non-profit. We are angel investors, and capitalists. It’s because of those last two sentences that we strongly believe we can add a profound amount of value to your venture. Getting into BetaBlox means signing a contract that grants us a 5% equity stake in your venture (equity; not profit, not revenue). If you’re not prepared to do this, please do not apply. If you have advisors telling you that sharing equity has risks, tell them that we’d be more than happy to take cash – but you’re not going to like the number. We do not ask for voting rights, or board seats, or anything else that forces you to make particular decisions. This is your company, and we trust you with the power. This type of compensation is what motivates us to add the most value to your venture. This also means that if you fail, we make nothing; if you succeed, we succeed with you. If you’d like a list of programs that don’t charge anything, we’d be happy to help waste your time.

[STEP ONE – Send In Application] Final day to apply via application page (1-minute process)- Midnight on January 31st, 2020

Anywhere from one day to weeks after you’ve applied, we’ll email you letting you know that we’ve logged your opportunity and will be moving you into the first phase of in-person discussions. If you hear nothing, we are passing on the opportunity and we apologize for not being able to provide feedback. We might choose to ask you a couple questions via email at this time. Regardless, everyone that applies will sit in our database until after the application deadline passes. After the deadline passes, we’ll reach out to schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss your opportunity.

[STEP TWO – First Round Meeting] If you’ve applied to Tulsa BetaBlox, your first 30 minute interview will be on either February 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, or 20th. If you’ve applied to Kansas City BetaBlox, your first 30 minute interview will be on either February 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, or 15th. Both cities will have a combination of weekend, late afternoon, and early evening time slots to accommodate people that still have other full-time jobs. It is greatly preferred we hit these dates, but if you can’t we’ll shoot for a phone call. Roughly 40% of the people that go through this step will be invited to the final interview. Put the final interview date in your calendar NOW. We move fast and require your flexibility on this date for this to happen smoothly.

[STEP THREE – Final Pitch] Final interviews (pitch to BetaBlox investors, attorney, alumni, etc. – roughly 5 people). This will only take 30 minutes. Remember, put this date in your calendar now. Exceptions will be made for people who can’t make this date, but only if we’re told at the time of your first meeting. The finals for Tulsa applicants will take place on Saturday, March 7th; the finals for Kansas City applicants will take place on Saturday, February 29th.

[Step FOUR – Contract Phase] The contract phase will last for approximately two weeks, starting from the time of your acceptance. Contracts will be signed the morning of bootcamp.

[Step FIVE – Bootcamp] –  March 14th – Start of Kansas City program (Bootcamp); March 21st – Start of Tulsa program (Bootcamp). We will sign contracts from about 10AM to 10:30AM and then immediately proceed into formal programming that will last until around 5PM with a lunch break. If you cannot make this date, YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT INTO BETABLOX, nor will you be accepted if you apply again in the future. If you absolutely cannot make this date because you’re getting married or something else of equal importance, you are allowed to attend the bootcamp from the inverse city (Kansas City entrepreneurs would travel to Tulsa, or Tulsa entrepreneurs would travel to Kansas City). It’s only four hours away; come the night before, stay in a hotel, kick butt all day, and then leave that night.