Our Startups Are On Fire

Below is a list of some of our success stories. Our startups run the gamut in age, educational background, entrepreneurial experience, stage of business, and industry. But there is one thing they all have in-common: they’re all exceptional human beings. If you make it into the program you will join the ranks of the following people. This list only begins to represent our portfolio in its entirety.

There’s one last person that didn’t a chance to give her testimonial; her name is Revenue. She speaks louder than any testimonial could. The average annual revenue of the top half of our portfolio is exponentially higher than the average annual revenue of other startups in the region that are the same age. 

Let us know if you would like to speak with any of these people individually and we’ll set-up phone calls or meetings. 


Filimin is a decorative touch light which connects family members and loved ones, across town or across the globe. We started Filimin on Kickstarter, having no idea what we were doing and with no entrepreneurial experience whatsoever. Within a year of shipping our first Filimins we were generating more than $700,000 in yearly revenue. In December 2016 Filimin went viral and was featured on Buzzfeed 3 times. Currently we make nearly 200 Filimins a day right here in Kansas with 4 full-time employees. Even still we can’t keep up with the sales and are backordered many months.

Betablox has been a critical component to our success. From the beginning, the Betablox boot camp laid out a philosophy that made sense and resonated with us. We got a high-level overview of every part of the startup process, giving us a map to follow and some guideposts to measure how we were doing. The Betablox community is just awesome; there’s nothing like connecting with people who share the same commitment and are going through some of the same challenges. We’ve made good friends with other Betablox participants and to this day we still get valuable feedback from mentors who know the scene inside and out. Betablox is not an easy program and the feedback we get is honest with no sugar coating. But for those who are serious and committed for the long haul, Betablox absolutely pays off.

John Harrison

Hardware Technology Entrepreneur, Filimin

logo-1“My name is Tracy Ford and I am the founder of Virtutecture. In October 2012 I came to Betablox fresh out of school with a Masters in Architecture. I was fully funded, and even had a previous acquisition offer. I am currently working directly with Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms to allow them and their clients to fully understand their design before ground has been broken. We do this by creating virtual reality simulations that allow you to walk through buildings before they are built.   Not only does this let the clients get what they want, but it also saves money on costly redesigns.

Betablox has been there for me every step of the way. They even got me my first clients, Sprint and Techstars. Their structure is simple yet also advanced. From providing the basics a startup needs to assistance with VC and Angels, they have experienced it all. Their advice and mentorship is second to none. You are constantly surrounded by people who can think outside the box, and are always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it is programming, marketing, or graphic design.  I strongly encourage any early stage startups to come see what Betablox is about. You won’t be disappointed.”

Tracy Ford

Virtual Reality Entrepreneur, Virtutecture



“We knew we had a great idea that involved innovative packaging that could disrupt a segment of the supplement market. With North America having the greatest occurrence of brain disease (our family is affected like so many others), as a Biomedical Engineer I knew that if people will spend money on energy drinks that have no lasting health benefit, given the option for a product that promoted short and long-term brain health would be a no brainer (pun intended)! So I developed two nootropic supplements – PowerUP and PowerDOWN. PowerUP gives entrepreneurs and professionals an unmatchable workplace advantage with clarity, focus, and memory.  PowerDOWN promotes a sense of calm so when the workday is over, you can enjoy life with family and friends while you recuperate for the next day’s grind. Plus, they are both formulated inside radically differentiated packaging that ensures the essential ingredients remain fresh, pure, and effective. The packaging and its intake system turns your body into an absorption machine allowing for the most efficient ingredient digestion on the market. We have also become the only FDA registered facility in North America with the capability to manufacture a product like it.

We have proven our experience in regards to manufacturing and biomedical engineering; but that didn’t even begin to encapsulate the rest of the business that must surround the product. That’s why we applied to BetaBlox, and it has been the single best choice we have made to-date. The leadership, mentors, guest teachers, one-on-one consultation, accountability, and fellow Bloxers make BetaBlox a gold mine for people wanting to take their business to the next level. If you are looking for a team of people that have done what you are out to do; people that will give you tested guidance and brutally honest feedback to help propel your business forward, I strongly suggest applying to BetaBlox. Feel free to reach out to us for feedback on BetaBlox, or to learn more about our products: PowerUp and PowerDown.”


Ralph Maser

Biomedical Engineer, PowerUp|PowerDown

Screen-Shot-2013-08-06-at-11.36.18-Morning-150x150“FlexPro designs, prepares, and ships nutritional meals based around our clients fitness goals right to their door on a weekly basis.  If our clients are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply live a healthy lifestyle and wish to have healthy meals, we can meet their needs. We have been open for over 4 months and are growing significantly every month bringing on new clients and gaining a very loyal customer base. We’ve broken our revenue records month-after-month since starting.  The secret to our success is based around knowledge and convenience. Not only do our clients not know what to eat, they don’t have time to cook the healthy meals they deserve.  In just four months, we’ve shipped meals to over 15 different states in the U.S. This is what sets us apart from the competition. There are many healthy meal delivery companies throughout the U.S. however only a few of them have gained a nationwide presence. With our marketing strategy, ballin meals, and our motivation and drive, we are going to become the #1 nutritional meals company in the nation.

What I love most about Betablox is the knowledge and wisdom you gain from your mentors. A lot of companies probably go into Betablox looking for investors or big connections of some sort. There is really nothing wrong with that, but if I were to be honest – if I would’ve received investment dollars before I even opened, I would have had some very unhappy investors. I would have created a product that was too big, too expensive, and a logistical nightmare; all before I even knew what my real customers actually wanted.  Betablox helped me see that.  Instead, we simply created a minimum viable product rather than spending all of this unnecessary capital and just opened for business – ultimately letting my consumers guide the product development and vision.  This strategy has helped us gain a significant amount of very early and loyal customers that has provided self-sustaining revenue that our company thrives off of.  Compared to our counterparts throughout the city we didn’t spend all this time fighting for investment dollars when we knew the importance of opening early, staying lean, and spending our time on actually building a real business.  Thanks to our proven traction, capital contributors are now substantially more prone to get involved, but they’ll never match the importance of our first investors: our customers.”

Nathan Corn

Food Entrepreneur, FlexPro Meals

2020 Adventures connects travelers looking for truly authentic experiences with local hosts eager to share their city with visitors. We do this primarily through our online peer-to-peer marketplace, allowing experiential travelers to find and book a local host to act as a key to the city during their trip. We are now starting to introduce Virtual Reality into our travel planning where travelers can have a peek into the destinations they’ll be traveling and virtually meet their local host before booking with them. Since launching in the Fall of 2015 we have connected hundreds of travelers with local hosts in over 20 countries around the world, created sustainable jobs for local hosts in developing countries, and created countless authentic travel experiences for our travelers.
BetaBlox was the first accelerator to give me a shot at making my dream a reality, after turning me down the first time I applied. That showed me that they truly do look at the whole package of entrepreneur, idea, and execution. Having a great idea and some wild ideas of how to make it a viable business is not enough, and I learned that here. Through the Bootcamp I learned how to take my vision and meticulously piece together the framework to create a functioning startup one aspect at a time, and I’m still learning today. A heavy dose of testing and iterating from MVP to product-market fit is the bread and butter here. What’s great about BetaBlox is that the doors are always open to those who truly want to learn how to efficiently run and grow their business. You’ll see that even the most successful entrepreneurs who have gone through the program will still come back to meet the newbies and pick up some knowledge from the consultants. The network of mentors and speakers that come to offer their wisdom is one of the great benefits of the program. This place can be your own key to all the knowledge and connections you need to jumpstart your startup.
Spencer Carlson

Travel and Technology Entrepreneur, 2020 Adventures

Ship-and-Dip“When we applied for BetaBlox, our company was a 1-week-old idea that came from a brainstorming session for our dad’s 61st birthday gift. Within three short months, we launched Ship & Dip’s e-commerce website and begain earning revneue on day one. Since our company launched in January 2014, we continue to set record sales each month and maintain an all ‘5 star’ ratings on product reviews submitted by customers. Ship & Dip offers several options for customers to ensure there is something for everyone. A subscription box program, a gifting program, a Business Gift option, and an online shop where customers can purchase one-off, high quality, unique, small-batch condiments that are difficult or impossible to find at a grocery store in their zip code.

Facts only, we would not be a company without the BetaBlox team. We wanted to launch Ship & Dip as a fully customizable, feature on top of ridiculous feature condiment subscription and after just 1 class of lean methodology, it clicked that that would never be a reality at this stage of a startup’s lifecycle, aka complete infancy. The fundamentals of a start-up are not just common sense, and having an intensive program to get us off the ground was absolutely key. BetaBlox allows entrepreneurs to be surrounded by like-minded people who are facing similar dilemmas and small successes. Not only did we have a network of batch-mates (who are now great friends) that we could bounce idea off of, but through the weekly mentor lectures we were able to meet many of the most influential entrepreneurs in this community. Since we entered BetaBlox, we’ve accomplished some huge milestones, including winning Grand Prize at a pitch competition which brought us a $2,500 golf check and the opportunity to pitch at Demo Day which allowed us to meet small-business marketing genius, John Jantsch, of Duct-Tape Marketing, who has since joined our team as an investor/advisor. We have never learned so much, and so quickly, than the months since launching, much to the credit of BetaBlox for establishing our foundation and to the nature of having to build something out of nothing.”

Kaitlyn & Kristen Karlin

Subscription Business Entrepreneuers, Ship & Dip (Acquired by Farm To People)

Screen-Shot-2013-07-28-at-7.06.12-Night-510x236“Hey all, this is Greg Ross with Market Place Promotions, I recently completed the BetaBlox program to develop my latest product creation called “ShamBibby for the Baby,”a crazy different baby bib made completely from super absorbent shammy material! With over 20 years’ experience writing ads, slogans and promoting start-ups in Southern California and Kansas City, I pitched my concept and was granted entry to try this unique launching pad. BetaBlox kept us focused on the business, and not so much on funding or raising capital….developing a great idea with passion and structure attracted impressive levels of interest and genuine excitement for the project. The weekly mentors are great, but having “access” to their expertise and resources was even greater…just by staying engaged and connected in the BetaBlox program, we were actually approached without seeking capital, seriously, the sheer energy surrounding the launch of ShamBibby helped secure financial backing all by itself.

So what is BetaBlox all about? Simple, it’s a business-incubator-start-up-accelerator-pre-launch-motivating-inspirational-workshop-part-time-office-mentor-filled-thinkcubater…all enclosed in a weekly classroom setting with an interactive structure and true entrepreneurial purpose.

Better yet, BetaBlox keeps you driven…“ShamBibby for the Baby” has gone from concept-to-market, with primary funding, FASTER than previous products. My favorite experience had to be presenting on Demo Day…seeing a live audience react to all the hard work was an awesome payoff. And, best of all, YOU CAN TAKE IT WITH YOU. The crew at BetaBlox encourages updates and strategy planning well beyond the allocated training session, therefore, as an effort to encourage participation of this fine program, please feel to contact me for support or directional consulting anytime…..check us out at www.shambibby.com”

Greg Ross

Product Entrepreneur, Shambibby

ScholarlyyLogo - AllWhite

“Scholarlyy is a mobile textbook platform for students to effortlessly sell their textbooks and have them picked up anywhere on a college campus. By sending a simple text message, a campus runner will meet the student within minutes for the pickup and payment of their books. So college students effectively get online pricing without ever having to put their shoes on and leave their dorm room. It’s truly the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to sell a textbook in college.
Before BetaBlox, we were treading water. We had spent money in the wrong places and had an unusable platform that our users weren’t interested in. Thankfully, we found Betablox and had the opportunity to go through their coveted training program where we were set up with a couple of highly experienced and successful mentors. During this time, we reshaped our business model, marketing strategy, and built a whole new web platform from scratch.
Now, after one year, we’ve gone from 1 campus to 10, two campus runners to 40, and simple online form to a full-fledged automated texting line that can handle thousands of requests daily. We’ll triple our growth again this next buyback season, and by the end of next year look to be at every major university in the country. We are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, and just like Uber did to the taxi industry, we are going to flip this $14 Billion dinosaur textbook industry on its head.
Partnering with BetaBlox was the best decision we could have made. The educational training, mentors, and networking alone were the fuel we needed. And as we begin to enter the next phase of growth, BetaBlox is still right there with us every step of the way.”
Daniel Segalo

Textbook Exchange Entrepreneur, Scholarlyy


“My company, Custom Trailer Pros, is in a great place today. I have an amazing team of employees, solid partnerships with manufacturers and service providers, and our processes are almost impossible to duplicate. 2014 was by far our best year, and our sales in 2015 are 50% higher. When I started this company in 2012, I did not imagine that we would be doing the numbers we are, and 2016 is already projected to take another major jump.

But it wasn’t always this way. I spent the first two years barely selling enough to get by, and switching between suppliers before finding one that could not only build the product I wanted, but also stand behind it. In 2014 I finally reached a place where I knew it was time to scale – but how? As the only “employee”, every minute of my day was crucial, and I could only afford to pursue things that would contribute to the bottom line. So, I went to BetaBlox with the idea that they could help me stay focused on the big picture and help me identify the proper steps to growing my business in a healthy way – and that is exactly what happened! The classes helped me fill in the holes where I was lacking, and confirmed the things I was doing right. The mentors helped me set a course that was aggressive but very strategic, and the community of other entrepreneurs helped inspire and push me to keep going, even when things were really hard. On top of that, the Demo Day gave me exposure and publicity that I would have never had otherwise. One thing I know is that Custom Trailer Pros would not be where we are today without BetaBlox.”

Justin Prestidge

Manufacturing Entrepreneur, Custom Trailer Pros


“BetaBlox should be considered the top Entrepreneurs MBA program. You don’t walk away with an expensive piece of paper like traditional college. You walk away with the knowledge and connections that build empires…Which ultimately earn huge stacks of paper that pay you, your business and most importantly the team that help get you there.

I’ve been in the Heating and Cooling industry since I was in diapers. I realized that majority of our service calls could have been avoided if our client simply changed their filter on a regular schedule…It’s just as important as changing the oil in your car. Your HVAC system was manufactured to last 20-25 years. Neglecting to change your filter will cause premature deficiencies between 10-13 years. This is a maintenance item that is out-of-sight-out-of-mind and experience shows that majority of the population forget to change their Air-Filter. With this in mind, we decided it’s time assist the Commercial and Residential clients maintain their HVAC assets across the Nation by mailing their custom filter to their front door when it is time to change it. We interviewed with BetaBlox and were awarded the opportunity for them to provide us advice, resources, investors and especially finalize our business plan so we could scale AirFilterOnDemand.com across the nation and possibly the world. Under a year we have grown AirFilterOnDemand.com to be a national subscription brand. We’re distributing our Air-Filters across 27 states, have sold contracts over 23,000 filters/annually and secured large clients such as Hallmark, Blue Cross Blue Shield and many more. We are continuing to innovate our brand and will be the dominant player in the industry soon.”

Matt Orangkhadivi

Heating & Cooling Entrepreneur, Air Filter On Demand

BandHack-smBetaBlox has been nothing but crucial for us at BandHack. My partner Justin and I are both hardcore computer geeks with backgrounds in healthcare and government. Sort of an interesting place to find someone taking on challenges in the music industry. Our ideas for helping musicians succeed in the face of rampant torrenting and new online streaming platforms formed as a solution to SOPA back in 2011. Torrenting isn’t going away; computer geeks will always find a way to outwit restrictions, trust us. That left us with two options: watch SOPA pass and screw up the Internet, or find a way for musicians to make money with a new model. This set us out on our journey to replace the old school record labels that rob artists, with fully automated technology solutions. Helping musicians connect, on the go merchandising solutions, and digital distribution is how we’ve chosen to start our challenge. The methodologies taught at BetaBlox by both the teachers, lecturers, and mentors have taken us from a slowly forming technology company, to a revenue producing business that’s constantly testing and improving what we do. Once the entrepreneurial itch sets in and their methods click, it’s a really exciting place to be. Then surround yourself with a group of like minded ass kickers that are all pushing each other to be better. That’s what BetaBlox is and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Jason Conley

Technology Entrepreneur, BandHack

blue hollar kansas city

“BlueHollar is the free home repair concierge service completely focused on serving the needs of real estate agents, property investors, and homeowners. We are fanatics about finding ways to offer extreme convenience, rapid turn around, and the lowest price for our customers.  All the work is done by licensed and insured contractors that have completed an extensive application process, including a background check and skill verification. Since we decided to cater specifically to real estate agents and property investors, we have experienced such rapid growth that the contact information on our site had to be replaced with a request to join a waiting list, and in spite of this, referrals from our satisfied customers continue to pour in daily.
Before BetaBlox, we were fumbling and tripping our way about trying to get BlueHollar off the ground. After only six short months, BetaBlox whipped us into a lean, efficient machine that takes in ideas, tests the hell out of them, and churns out growth at a rate that we have yet to catch up to. Simply put, BetaBlox has saved us tens of thousands of dollars while simultaneously increasing the value of our business. This does not just include the expert classes and instruction our founding members received, but also the money we saved by learning the value of testing something before we threw money at it. BetaBlox, more than anything, taught us to think differently about the way we ran out startup and that in turn translated to dollar signs. We’re on track to do over a million dollars in our second calendar year while having only come to BetaBlox as an idea nine short months ago.”
Kalen Barker

On Demand Entrepreneur, BlueHollar

I applied to BetaBlox because I was looking for knowledge about starting a business that my corporate career didn’t provide. What I’ve gotten has been so far beyond what I was seeking. Stratex has grown exponentially thanks to the diverse community, connections, and experiences BetaBlox provided. Two years later, I still find it valuable to attend classes and lectures and continue to learn through mentoring others.

Dr. Raina Knox

Technology Entrepreneur, Stratex Solutions