The BetaBlox Demo Day

Are you looking to keep your finger on the pulse of the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Kansas City?

Are you looking to connect with other like-minded business people from around the community?

Are you tired of events that charge for admittance?

The BetaBlox Demo Day is your opportunity to network with a sea of entrepreneurs, startups, investors, bankers, government officials, service providers, and other professional stakeholders from around Tulsa or Kansas City. Every year hundreds of people RSVP to watch the event; and you should too. 

BetaBlox is an exclusive school for startups. Every year, we pick the best-of-the-best and then put them through a rigorous curriculum of classes, one-on-one consultation, and mentorship designed to give them a higher likelihood of survival. At the end of the program they pitch their startups for three minutes each to a room full of interested people – we call this “Demo Day”. We want you to attend!  It’s kinda like Shark Tank, and you’re the shark! And guess what? It’s free! This is not a fundraiser, so don’t even bring a dollar! When the event is over, the rest of the night will be networking amongst the other “sharks”, as well as the entrepreneurs that presented. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This event sounds exclusive, will I fit in?

Yes, it’s at a fancy place. Yes, there will be lots of venture capitalists and angel investors in the room. BUT, most of the people that will be in attendance will be the “average Tulsan or Kansas Citian”. There was ‘$5,000 suited CEOs’ chattin’ it up with ’21 year startups in jeans and t-shirts’. That’s exactly the type of event we’re going for! Come one, come all. Entrepreneurship, and especially in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas, is an INCLUSIVE sport. Anyone can start a business, and thus everyone should attend. 

How is it possible that this event is free?

BetaBlox is funded solely through private high net worth individuals and non-profits who believe in making a difference in Kansas City and Tulsa. We also have great sponsors, such as Commerce Bank. Without that whole team, this whole thing would never be possible.  

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What should I wear? 

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. That said, this is going to be an amazing place for you to meet the professionals for which you could be doing business one day. First impressions are always important. 

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